This weekend, Timothy joins Mat, Michael, and the Zyurangers for our very first special episode, as they tackle Zyuranger Episode 46: Presenting! The Vicious Squadron! Here’s just some of what goes down:

  • It’s our very first special episode!
  • We do a quick rundown of Zyuranger’s backstory, in case you’re coming in without having seen any Zyuranger before. Spoilers: it’s about 10,000 times cooler than Power Rangers. We spend a lot of time wondering why we’re not watching this instead.
  • What do Elvis, Walt Disney, Hitler, Fry from Futurama, and the woman from the Doctor Who Christmas Special have in common? We’re not sure either, to be honest.
  • “It’s also great commentary on why you shouldn’t just trust the news media.”
  • How long does it take an angry mob of Japanese people to get to stoning? It’s less time than you’d think.
  • Whoo boy. The bathtub scene. I’m not saying any more. You deserve to be surprised like we were.
  • “Beep our boops and do the stuff.”


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