Movie reviews! Anniversary specials! Ranger interviews! Hell, we wrote a script for an episode-- incorporating real Sentai footage-- and then did a table-read! We’ve done a lot of crazy, incredibly fun things that don’t really fit into a box-- and you can find them here!
Special • 23.3.19

Vacation Station

Special • 9.11.18

Pre-order SELF/MADE #1

Special • 9.10.18

Five-Year Anniversary: Kyuranger: The Movie

Specials • with Lauren and Timothy
Special • 25.9.18


Special • 9.9.18

Hat Chat at Power Morphicon

Specials • with Claire Blackwelder, Davi Santos, David Fielding, Royce Herron, Ryan Carter and Ryan Parrott
Special • 23.8.18

Heroes of the Grid w/ Jonathan Ying

Specials • with Jonathan Ying
Special • 28.6.18

Buy Our Comic

Special • 15.6.18

Two Interviews: David Yost and Karan Ashley

Special • 17.2.18

News Cruise

Special • 9.10.17

Knight Watch 01: Entrance Through The Gift Shop

Specials • with Lauren and Timothy
Special • 9.10.17

Knight Watch 00: Character Creation

Specials • with Lauren and Timothy
Special • 1.4.17

IMPORTANT: We’re Making Some Changes.

Special • 23.3.17

2017 Movie Spoiler Review

Specials • with Sarah and Timothy
Special • 22.3.17

2017 Movie Non-Spoiler Review

Specials • with Sarah and Timothy
Special • 14.10.16

Ranger Danger Trailer Hailer

Special • 8.10.16

Ranger Danger Family Feud

Specials • with Amanda, Bec, Daniel, Jess, Kaley, Lauren, Sarah and Timothy
Special • 21.5.16

The Order with Nakia Burrise and Jason Faunt

Special • 27.12.15

Ranger Danger: The Movie Now Available

Specials • with Amanda, Lauren and Timothy
Special • 22.12.15

Fantasy Zordon Finale

Special • 8.10.15

Two-Year Anniversary Spectacular

Specials • with Lauren and Timothy
Special • 25.8.15

Dairanger: Farewell! 3 Stooges

Special • 21.8.15

The One Where They’re Power Rangers

Specials • with Timothy
Special • 12.5.15

Dairanger: The 3 Stooges’ Soccer

Special • 31.3.15

An Announcement

Special • 24.2.15


Special • 10.2.15

Fantasy Zordon

Special • 24.12.14

Chimp Change

Specials • with Amanda, Daniel, Jeremy, Lauren, Michael R, Paisley, Sarah and Timothy
Special • 14.12.14

New Pilot?

Special • 24.10.14

Podcar! Power Rangers: Hexagon

Special • 7.10.14

One-Year Anniversary Trivia Spectacular

Specials • with Amanda, Ash, Billy, Dane, Daniel, James, Jamie, Jen, Kaley, Lauren, Michael R, Paisley, Rhiannon, Sarah, Timothy and Tom
Special • 19.9.14

Podcar! Power Rangers: A Rock Adventure

Specials • with Sarah
Special • 27.6.14

Zyuranger: Presenting! The Vicious Squadron

Specials • with Timothy

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