This week on the podcast, we’re liberated from the prison of objective reality and have our minds scattered down a path of collective insanity that ends in us accidentally creating a movie called ‘Time Train’– as we watch the Power Rangers Turbo episode, ‘When Time Freezes Over’! Surprisingly, it’s a pretty good time.

We answer questions like: should spaghetti be eaten casually at a juice bar? (No, most certainly not! Be cool.) When the world has the Phantom Ranger, does it really need the Power Rangers? (Not really, sorry-to-say-it-to-everyone-except-Justin.) And—is Clockster time? (Yessssssssssssssssssssss…!) So come check out some of that, if that’s the sort of nonsense that you’re dialling in for. It’s the Ranger Danger Turbo podcast!

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