It’s our sixth month anniversary, and we celebrate with Billy by watching the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE! And we are subjected an appropriate amount of misfortune! Here’s some of what happens this week on the podcast:

  • You can win stuff by doing our survey! Power Rangers stuff! Which science has proven is the objectively best kind of stuff!
  • Mat gets his extreme need to talk about TitanFall out of his system by talking about how it might work as a template for a Power Rangers video game. STAND BY FOR DRAGONZORDFALL!
  • We almost get to see a 90s slang version of Rumpelstiltskin! The tantalising glimpses we do get makes us hunger for a full Broadway production.
  • This week the Power Rangers must fight a spinning wheel. Seriously. Listen to what we’re saying. That wasn’t a typo. A SPINNING WHEEL. A YE OLDE SPINNING WHEEL!! This show is insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!!
  • “She’s been waiting for a thematically relevant wheel to get involved in the Power Rangers’ lives…”
  • We discuss the website that Michael built that was for people who liked to see people tied up! …there’s a legit explanation, we promise.


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