On the podcast this week, two guests are better than one as Canberrans Jamie and James join us to review the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE!!

  • The reviews are in: “I really didn’t understand what was happening”, “That was an interesting mess”, “It was definitely worse than the last episode”, “It wasn’t my favourite”. Oh dear.
  • Rita’s grasp of math tells her adding an extra head to her monster will make it smarter. It seems like Rita’s just an idiot, until… Zordon agrees. That’s just accepted science in the Power Rangers universe, I guess.
  • “Shut up, Billy.”
  • The Rangers ‘study’ the weaknesses of a monster by pressing buttons on the Command Center console. That’s not studying! At least read a book!
  • This (allegedly) super-smart monster gets distracted when the Rangers throw fruit at it. …ugh.
  • We guess at how many Power Rangers there have been thus far. Mat is so, so wrong.


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