Kaley’s back for an episode Mat’s been talking about for more than 18 months! That’s right, it’s time for the long-awaited Lipsyncher the Lipstick Monster in this week’s episode, Two for One! When did Ivan Ooze tour with Ice Cube? Why would you keep a handbag in a glass case? Is the handbag the glass case? Is Voldemort’s Mum our new band name? And who’s a fan of a 200 million dollar novelty-sized laser dental floss? All this and more!

Show Notes

  • Kaley thinks Pursehead looks like a Beefeater. She’s not entirely wrong.
  • From Beefeaters to Death Eaters: Voldemort’s Mum was a rad name for a wizard punk band and also a seriously messed-up character for a series of kids books.
  • This is Clumsy, by Fergie. Mat has definitely discussed it before. I guess he just loves Fergie. He thinks she’s Fergalicious.

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