This week on the podcast, an unusual film requires an usual approach– we’ve done a full commentary for ‘Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie’, with guests Lauren, Tim and Sarah! So buckle up!

Who has a soft spot for Lerigot? Is there anything that could make Mat regret Rocky fly-kicking himself out of the Power Rangers? And is Tanya even in this movie…? The answers to the questions (and more!) await, on this special audio-commentary episode kicks-off the Ranger Danger Turbo podcast!

Show Notes

  • The additional bit of episode that we talk about doing at the end of this commentary will go up tomorrow.
  • It’s 1am and this commentary has broken two computers.
  • Fun fact: we recorded this to an AU DVD copy, which means it was running PAL – which screens 4% faster than NTSC. I’ve slowed down the commentary portion by about 4% and pitch-shifted to compensate, so hopefully it’s pretty much to time with any version of the movie you can get in America.

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