This week, THE YOLK’S ON YOU! No don’t worry, there’s no actual egg on you (though we’d tell you if there was), that’s just the title of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode we watch on the podcast this week.

  • We do a cost/benefit analysis on the prospect of city councils upgrading their parking rangers to Power Rangers.
  • If Bill Gates spent his fortune on building a Megazord, would we then have to create a Moon Witch for it to fight to justify the investment?
  • Impersonating Godzilla is in bad taste in Angel Grove, where kaiju attacks happen almost daily.
  • Billy wears a cowboy outfit to the talent show, but nothing comes of that. We’re still trying to work through the disappointment.
  • Tommy runs through the park, but stops for a moment to jump kick a leaf. Gotta keep sharp, yo.
  • This week’s monster is um, a bit problematic. Racially.


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