We’re joined by Josh – our first ever International Guest! – this week for the first episode of a new era! Tommy’s here, and he is literally never going away. And what exactly is the trouble with Shellshock? Find out this week, along with:

  • Meet Shellshock! He’s like Blastoise crossed with a traffic safety device! And he was nearly named Pitoosh!
  • Learn about the rotation of the moon, as we briefly become an astronomy podcast! Space is cool, you guys.
  • We might go on a Ranger Danger excursion to Canada! We only need… a lot more money!
  • Tommy’s on the team now! Watch as he disappears right before all the fight scenes!
  • “She’s not attractive on the inside, she’s a horrible moon witch!”
  • The power of the Sabretooth Tiger is used for an absolutely inexplicable reason. We’re still confused.
  • We accidentally say a very horrible thing, and we are legitimately sorry. It’s a downer ending this week.


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