We’re almost unspeakably excited for new Sentai footage on the podcast this week – so we got some expert Sentai-speakers, the superb Super Sentai Brothers, to help us talk through the Power Rangers Zeo episode ‘The Shooting Star’!

What part of this episode reminds Mat of his maybe favourite thing, the Thunderbirds? What useful insights into the Sentai origins of the Zords does Matt share? And why did we think two guys with basically the same name on the podcast was a good idea? All the answers to these questions and more await, on this very special, Super Sentai Brothers-featuring episode of Ranger Danger Zeo!

Show Notes

  • Luke Cage is great.
  • You know what else is great? Our good friends the Super Sentai Bros – find them on Twitter or their website.
  • Still trying to dig up my 2-XL.
  • Those weird Japanese statues are called dogū.

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