The world has been rocked, we’ve been rocked, but we’re carrying on as best we can on the podcast this week as we watch the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge episode ‘The Rangers Rock!’

Who is Barry Medusa? What startling observation does listener Rik have to share about James? And why is Mat ruining the story of a Lord of the Rings game? The answers to these questions, as well as a bummer of an intro, await – this episode of the Ranger Danger Dino Super Charge podcast!

Show Notes

  • Sorry this one was such a bummer.
  • Thanks for checking out the show notes, though.
  • I should go back and play Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Or maybe I’ll wait until The Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor 2: So Many More Rings.
  • John Howard was the Prime Minister of Australia for 11 years. In the 10 years since, we’ve had 4 separate Prime Ministers. He wasn’t great, but I definitely think he believed in what he did and I think that’s important.
  • Stan Lee didn’t really know what transistors were, but… well, he had some ideas.
  • Sedusa was indeed a Powerpuff Girls villain.

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