We’re preparing to slam evil on the podcast this week, as we watch the Power Rangers Turbo episode ‘The Phantom Phenomenon’!

Why do we start discussing diamond scarcity? Why is Angharad so infuriated by Justin’s questionable moral judgements? And hoo boy what is the deal with TJ’s ‘one-side-unclipped’ overall look? Find out! On this episode of the Ranger Danger Turbo podcast!

Show Notes

  • Sonic Forces is the game where you can make your own Sonic.
  • I cannot believe that Jumper is now a decade old. (It got 16% on Rotten Tomatoes so it’s probably worse than I remember it.)
  • Mat’s favourite movie, Knight and Day, got a whopping 52% by comparison.
  • This is VRV Master, adapted as the Phantom Ranger, and this is the Smiths Crisps Gobbledok, who’s definitely a cousin or something.

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