We put the controls into Cruise control on the podcast this week, as we watch the generally pleasant Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel episode ‘The Need for Speed’!

What clever spin do we get on the ‘Mick teaches a lesson’ scene? What inspiration does Victor Vincent pull from Eobard Thawne? And what shocking moment thinks us momentarily thinking that Brody dies in a gruesome way? Find out! On this episode of the Ranger Danger Super Ninja Steel podcast!

Show Notes

  • Look, Need for Speed is a fine movie. Plus it has Michael Keaton in a lighthouse. How can you go wrong with Lighthouse Keaton?
  • think the Need for Speed game Mat is talking about is Need for Speed Rivals.
  • You guys surely don’t need links for Arrow and Riverdale, right?
  • Please do not watch this video of a man breaking his wrist in slow motion.

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