Our weekly recaps launch into season 2 of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers this week – but before that, we interview OG Red Ranger Austin St. John (Jason) and OG Black Ranger Walter Jones (Zack)!! What have Austin and Walter been up to since leaving the show? Are they prepared to suit up as Rangers again? And – in our recaps – how will we deal with the last hurrah of the original Megazord? Find out in this week’s episode of the Mighty Morphin’ Ranger Danger podcast!

Show Notes

  • You can find Walter Jones on Twitter and Facebook; Austin St John is on Twitter, Facebook, and his online store, where you can grab some pretty nice deals in time for Christmas.
  • We’re on Sporcle! Click on through to try and name all the Power Rangers of the Zordon Era. Michael just did it and got 32 out of 35 – it’s those gosh darn Alien Rangers.
  • The Power Rangers Movie Theme, aka Go Go Power Rangers by the Power Rangers Orchestra, is an amazing piece of music, whatever Mat says. Look, guys, I think it’s just time to admit that Mat’s wrong about stuff. He’s wrong about trumpets, he’s wrong about Reboot, and he’s wrong about this not being a slamming jam.

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