Disaster (and very chaste romance) strike the Green Ranger on the podcast this week, as we watch the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode ‘The Green Candle, Part 2’ with Kaley!

  • We discuss the Free Comic Book Day Power Rangers comic, which revives our favourite secondary Power Rangers character that is a ‘scientifically’ enchanced Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Sentai are doing a dinosaur themed Power Rangers team-up, which sees their equivalents of MMPR, Dino Thunder and Dino Charge band together. If we don’t get one of these, we’re gonna be so sad, you guys. Like, sitting-in-an-empty-bathtub-eating-ice-cream-from-the-tub-whilst-weeping sad.
  • Mat about the episode: “It actually had some dramatic weight to it… which was profoundly surprising.” Michael: “With actors who could act, it would have been touching.”
  • We’re not proud of our use of the phrase “going into her dark dimension.”
  • “The notion that Bulk and Skull just go and fuck around playing Monkeys In The Grass is the least surprising thing to happen in this episode.”
  • “On the coolness hierarchy, I think robot above tank.”


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