Kaley joins the podcast for the first time as we start to burn the Green Candle from both ends. This week on Ranger Danger:

  • There’s a Power Rangers movie coming. We don’t talk about it much, by which we mean we talk about it for a fair while. We have opinions. That probably doesn’t surprise you.
  • There are parts of this episode that are well-executed. No-one is more surprised than we are.
  • “Even bring in a giant Godzilla robot doesn’t stop you from being emotionally vulnerable, Michael.”
  • Visit scenic Angel Grove! We have as many as 5 scenic destinations, including the quarry and the abandoned industrial estate!
  • The triumphant return of Goldar’s dungeon! You know you’ve missed it. And now he’s got a bondage sword!
  • “You’re going to call it “summoning the Dragonzord”, aren’t you?”


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