We want to travel the world, but we’ll settle for figuring out the Silver Ranger’s deal as we sit down with the newest episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: “Silver Secret”! So then: who is the Silver Ranger, and why is that a more complicated answer than you’d think? Was that the coolest morph in Power Rangers history? And sweet baby jesus, will the two of you just make out already? All of this – and so much more – on this week’s episode of Ranger Danger Dino Super Charge!

Show Notes

  • We’re mentioned on the October 5 episode of the Hamish and Andy podcast. About 31 minutes in. Thanks Michael.
  • I guess we’re going with #hamishandoilprices. Don’t @hamishblake and @andy_lee but, you know, I guess you could.
  • New Power Sword! God, I hope this movie is good.

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