It’s Paisley’s first time as a solo guest on the podcast this week, as we watch the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode ‘Second Chance’! Here’s some of what goes down:

  • Is there a mole operating from within Rita’s Moon Palace? If so – who is it?
  • Power Rangers teaches a very strange moral lesson to kids this week.
  • SOCCER THEMED FIGHT! No, for real. And it’s actually pretty cool.
  • “Zordon out!” He’s just trying out the catchphrase. We wish it had stuck.
  • We know Rita is evil, but she’s so down right mean to a kid this episode that it still shocks us.
  • Want a little bit of discussion about comics censorship? You’ve come to the right podcast! …oddly enough.
  • FISH AREN’T FISH! OR SOMETHING! Biology revelations!


Show Notes

  • The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episode Paisley remembers, where Maya eats someone’s cake, is called Orion Rising. We’ll be getting to that episode in around August 2019, so we’ll be sure to get Paisley back for it. Stay tuned.
  • Pagers were pretty clever, for the time – in 1950, they were amazing.
  • Disappointingly, the two Mark Littons (the PR writer and the sports guy appear to be different people.
  • I have to assume that this is the Training Montage Song from Gravity Falls, because it is amazing.
  • I can find no online source for the claim that there is no such thing as a fish, other than this clip from British panel show QI, which is probably where I heard it. But Stephen Fry wouldn’t lie to us, would he?

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