It’s official! It’s another season about a morphin’ orphan, and we’re going to cover it! Get ready for the refraction action of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel premiere episode ‘Return of the Prism’!

Is it possible that a Ranger could outshine a Sudarso? Are we just meant to accept legit hoverboards are a thing now? Are ninjas alien, or are aliens ninjas? Is this show going to out C-3PO C-3PO? How many times can the word ninja be said? Have we not even mentioned the intergalactic Hunger Games thing going on here? What is even happening?

Yes, we have more questions than usual, there is a lot going on! Find out how many of them have answers on this, the very first episode of Ranger Danger Ninja Steel!

Show Notes

  • Ninja Steel!
  • I’m sure we talked about things that weren’t Deal or No Deal, didn’t we?

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