This week on the podcast, Green Ranger Tommy gets his powers and giant Godzilla robot back as we watch the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode RETURN OF AN OLD FRIEND, PART TWO! Here’s some of what goes down:

  • We go through listener mail! There’s swimming teams in Ranger dreams, creature features, ReBoot disputes and morphabulous… shit, I can’t rhyme that.
  • The Great Batman: The Animated Series vs ReBoot Debate continues, with Michael firmly on the back foot.
  • Drunk Uncle Zordon’s rants continue, but he has a lot to deal with you guys, cut him some slack.
  • Lauren and Mat were taught by a P.E teacher who was a Gladiator! Bad 90s television Gladiator, not Roman Gladiator. Sadly.
  • “Be aware of his nozzles,” says Zordon. Good life advice.
  • Lauren calls the MegaDragonzord, quote “a bit excessive. It’s just a mole! You’ve got a dragon and a dinosaur! Darwinism says that these guys are probably going to come out on top.”


Show Notes

  • Gladiators was an Australian TV series, based on the British version of a US series, where people ran through obstacle courses against “Gladiators”. 5-year-old Michael remembers it as being pretty fun.

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