It’s the REIGN OF THE JELLYFISH on the podcast this week, as Kaley returns to watch Power Rangers with us! Long may she reign! This week on the show:

  • A wild box appears! And we open it on air! Mystery abounds!
  • Ah screw it, I’ll tell you: we get a Legacy Megazord and Dinozord!!
  • We throw some more shade on Titanus. Sorry ya dorky tortoise. Ya boring.
  • We reveal that Michael wanted to be an actor in Power Rangers when we was a child. Mat is shocked by this. Which is shocking in itself.
  • There’s this cool, semi-transparent, ‘time-phased’ special effect that is so impressive (for this show) that we can’t stop raving about it.
  • Where does the Jellyfish fall on our Ranger Danger Creature Feature ranking? You’ll have to listen to find out!


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