We stick to the tried-and-tested formula on the podcast this week: we watch an episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. Its name? “Recipe For Disaster”. In what way is Chase failing to live up to the incredibly high standards we expect from an ingenious New Zealander? What expected plot gets derailed by a literal crashing meteor? And just how many Zords can you handle in a single episode? (If your tolerance is low, you might want to consult a doctor before imbibing this episode!) But wait, there’s more! To find out just how /much/ more, then acquire this – another episode of the mildly entertaining Ranger Danger Dino Super Charge podcast! Woooooo!

Show Notes

  • I didn’t write anything down and it’s like 11:30pm but let’s see what I remember:
  • Super Megaforce is getting a dub in Japan but I don’t have a link about that.
  • Movie posters! Tentatively excited here.
  • Oh, and Bill Hader is Alpha 5 and we couldn’t be happier.

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