They say you can’t go home again – but it turns out you can, as long as you have access to a magic door and are prepared to fight a resurrected space witch. Take that, Thomas Wolfe. That’s right, Ranger Slayer’s heading back to the world of the Coinless in Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer, and we’re joined by writer Ryan Parrott to break it down!

What sequence did Ryan delete from the book – and which new character did it end up inspiring anyway? Which Scorpina is this? And what incredibly cool climactic beat did Ryan ultimately reconsider? All these questions answered – and many more – on this episode of the Ranger Danger Boom Room!

Show Notes

  • You can buy Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer from your local comic book shop or digitally via Comixology. Please make smart, informed choices about going out and buying anything at the moment.
  • Follow Ryan Parrott on Twitter here and BOOM! Studios here.

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