It’s a Ranger Danger Very Special Educational Special! We wrote a Power Rangers story in a comic! But getting your hands on a comic can sometimes be confusing! Oh no! Fear not, loyal listener– Mat and Michael are here to walk you through the process of pre-ordering a comic, so you can support us AND get a snazzy little story from us (and several from other talented individuals). What are you waiting for? Download this Ranger Danger Very Special Educational Special right now!

Show Notes

  • For a refresher on anything we said here, you can check out our special page.
  • The comic isn’t up on the BOOM! webshop or Comixology yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.
  • The details you need for your local comic shop are all here, on the Previews website.
  • Find your local comic shop with the Comic Shop Locator.

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