It’s another special POD-CAR bonus episode of Mighty Morphin’ Ranger Danger, as we use our roadtrip back from Canberra to discuss the mythical lost season of Power Rangers – HEXAGON!!! Here’s some of what MIGHT HAVE BEEN:

  • Tommy and Jason leading rival Power Ranger factions? God yes please.
  • An anti-authority theme running through a season of Power Rangers? God yes please.
  • Tying up loose ends, like the fate of Scorpina and the fate of Terra Venture? God yes please.
  • Finding out the identity of the Phantom Ranger? God yes please.
  • Was it have been gratuitous fan service? Yes. Was it way too ambitious? Yes. Was it bogged down in obsessive continuity? Yes. But do we desperately wish we could’ve seen it? God yes.


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