It’s a special POD-CAR bonus episode of Mighty Morphin’ Ranger Danger, and we pass the time on the road by listening to (and reviewing) MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS: A ROCK ADVENTURE! Here’s some of what goes down:

  • There was a dance remix of the Power Rangers theme – produced by SIMON COWELL – and we didn’t get to listen to it.
  • Mat recommends Ron Wasserman’s Power Rangers Redux album on iTunes, for exercise and general life purposes.
  • Is ‘FIGHT!’ the greatest piece of music of the 20th century? Mat’s not willing to rule it out.
  • The podcast gets its first injection of Lord Zedd in the best way possible – with his bad-ass theme. It’s awesome like the Imperial March… because it’s basically the Imperial March.
  • How many rhymes are there for ‘Rita’? We find out together!
  • “They don’t know about your Ultrazord protection.” That’s a lyric. Not joking.
  • Find out how the profoundly moving song ‘I Will Win!’ is at least partially responsible for our podcast.
  • We get a glimpse into the future and see – THE WHITE RANGER!


Show Notes

  • Buy Power Rangers Redux here. Minimum price is only 7 bucks, which is a pretty great price for a solid album.
  • Pokémon 2.B.A. Master was… it was certainly something. Michael’s pretty sure he could still tell you the words to most of the album.
  • Ratings time! All ratings are out of 5, Mat first, then Michael.
Go Go Power Rangers (Long Version) 5/5 5/5
Fight 5/5 5/5
Lord Zedd 4/5 3/5
Hey Rita 3/5 3/5
We Need a Hero 3/5 3/5
Combat 4/5 3.5/5
Go Green Ranger Go 3/5 3/5
5-4-1 3.5/5 3/5
Zords 2/5 2.5/5
I Will Win 5/5 4/5
Go Go Power Rangers (TV Version) 5/5 5/5
White Ranger Tiger Power infinity / 5 3/5
album 4/5 4/5

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