This week on the podcast, Sarah returns to help us tackle the Power Rangers episode ‘Peace, Love and Woe’! Billy meets a lady (bow chicka wow wow) and then has to save said lady from a pocket dimension inside a crystal attached to the forehead of an intergalactic geisha lady who laughs, like, all of the time. Also:

  • We talk Train Megazords! That’s trains! Plus megazords! God damn it you guys if you aren’t interested in that I don’t know what we can do for you.
  • “We could move on to bodily gyrations.”
  • We then talk about nerdy lady pick up techniques. Apparently ‘dropping’ necklaces is the way to get guys.
  • Billy assumes the powers of all the other Power Rangers! Do you know what that means?! …pretty much nothing, actually
  • We discuss the personal life of contract killer Madame Woe (who we decides is named Alicia Woenstein). Alicia’s a family woman trying to provide for her family before Billy straight up murders her. The only part of that we didn’t make up is the murder.

And much more!

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