IT’S ON!! Your normally affable hosts are pitted against each other, as Mat and Michael go head-to-head in a vicious Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1 trivia competition to celebrate one year of podcasting!

  • A trivia question for each episode of the series they’ve seen… how much craziness have they kept in their brains?
  • Almost every guest from the show’s history returns to help grill Mat and Michael!
  • One guest reveals a question answer so well that they almost win the competition by default…
  • Is Tim’s voice still sultry? Spoiler warning: yes. Duh.
  • There may be a major announcement about the future of the podcast snuck in this episode…
  • Who, ultimately, faces the dread punishment for losing… a fate so terrible it can scarcely be spoken?!


Show Notes

  • Tim screws up the scoring a little. It’s OK – the outcome is the same regardless.
  • And, yes, we confused The Rock Star with A Star Is Born. I don’t think you can blame us.
  • Special thanks to Amanda, Ash, Billy, Dane, Daniel, James, Jamie, Jen, Josh, Kaley, Lauren, Michael R, Paisley, Rhi, Sarah, Timothy, and Tom for all their appearances on the show this year. We’re going to try and get as many of them back for Year Two as we can.
  • Thanks to everyone who Tweeted at us, liked us on Facebook, sent us an email, left us a review, subscribed on YouTube or Stitcher or iTunes, or just sat there in the background and downloaded an episode. It means so, so much.
  • Yes, you heard right. Next year we’re keeping Mighty Morphin’ Ranger Danger going and adding a whole new thing: Ranger Danger Dino Charge. Keep your ears to the ground.

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