We’re walking ON FINS AND NEEDLES on the podcast this week, as we watch the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode of that name with Paisley! Here’s some of what goes down:

  • Want a buttload of talk about comics? We sure hope so because that’s watcha gonna get!
  • But really though, we uncover something that (if you’re familiar with comic history) will probably blow your god damned socks right off. Seriously.
  • It’s the first time (and hopefully the last) will namecheck Ayn Rand on the show.
  • We get a bit into the Austin St John v Jason David Frank rivalry. Fairly and objectively. Having said that, ASJ4LIFE.
  • The Rangers assemble the Power Blaster, form up, charge the cannon, fire, and… miss?? Well, that was unexpected. And a little pitiable.
  • We make a formal request for a new season – Power Rangers: Pirate Knights. Time to start an online petition, maybe?


Show Notes

  • Steve Ditko is a legend. And, like all legends, sometimes doesn’t make a lot of sense from outside.
  • Objectivism: don’t bother with the Wikipedia page. I just spent 10 minutes there and I’ve got nothin’.
  • On pins and needles! It’s an expression! What fun!

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