International guest Josh joins us again on the podcast to tackle the Itsy Bitsy Spider! The episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers by that title, that is. …no tiny spiders were harmed in the making of this podcast.

  • We discuss what would constitute our ideal Power Rangers video game. And then we start talking about Starfox. I don’t know, man, we try to stay on topic, but sometimes Starfox just happens.
  • We watch the new trailer for Power Rangers Super Megaforce! It looks incredibly fun, and piratey and shiny! And instead of watching that show, we go back to watching some stupid, low resolution shit with a guy in a gross-ass spider suit.
  • “You don’t want cockroaches thrown at you, no matter who you are.”
  • It turns out putties are old school stage magicians! They should be working the Vegas strip, not working for Rita.
  • Does Finnster confuse spiders with snakes? If not, Rita’s plan doesn’t make any sense. If so… well, Rita’s plan still doesn’t make any sense.
  • We get to talking about a rat wearing a tiny lab coat.
  • Because no-one demanded it – we finally get more hip-hop-kido!
  • “That’s pretty good… but not quite funky enough.” – “Story of my life…”


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