There are ten giant monsters on the loose – and that might not even be our biggest problem. But wait, what’s that falling from orbit? It’s Kyle Higgins, joining us in the Boom Room to talk about Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Issue #24!

What’s that monster’s name? How much can any of us trust a 16-year-old? What monster death is one of our favourite panels of the whole comic? And speaking of death… did that really just happen? All these questions answered – and more – in this episode of the Ranger Danger Boom Room!

Show Notes

  • If you’re not familiar with Marcus To’s work… you should be.
  • You can stream The C.O.W.L. Sessions on Spotify, if you’d like.
  • Those monsters are Roosterminator, Gort the Tort, Chainsaur, the Manic Mantelope, Private Maize, Boomerangeroo, Puppetal, Pilgrimace, Black Hold, and Camelt. Go add them to RangerWiki.

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