Tom returns to the podcast, as we tackle the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode ‘Island of Illusion, Part II’! It’s a thrilling conclusion, if by ‘thrilling conclusion’ you mean ‘crappy clip show’. Here’s some of what goes down in this episode:

  • As a ‘bonus’, we have Paisley and Tim read the remarkably dull Power Rangers Dino Charge casting sides.
  • “It’s tough to find a girl who’s into Electrobutts, but when you do…”
  • Bulk and Skull are very nice, and are speaking in faux Shakespearian dialogue. Whaaat…? This must be some kind of… illusion! On this island.
  • “Is that like dirty Dr Seuss? ‘One thing, two thing, bumthing, cumthing…?'”
  • “Some weeks the giant disembodied head of Satan gets blown up a giant robot dinosaur, and some weeks it doesn’t.”
  • Spoiler warning: Magical little person Quagmire becomes a DJ! Not even a little bit joking!


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