We’re a little bit keybored this week as we orchestrate a viewing of the Power Rangers Zeo episode “Instrument of Destruction”!

Can you even get an iPod any more? Does a Cog fight set to classical music work? What instrument makes the dun dun DUNNNNNNN noise? And why is this a weird grab bag podcast? The answers to… actually, only most of these questions this week on Ranger Danger!

Show Notes

  • The Sydney Harmontowns aren’t out yet, but they were both pretty great. The second one (which we hadn’t seen until after we recorded this) was even better than the first.
  • TOFOG doesn’t have its own Wikipedia page (for some reason), so you’ll have to just get Russell Crowe’s. Back in his solo days he performed as Russ Le Roq, I swear to you I’m not joking.
  • I cannot believe Mat was right about the Rabbitohs.
  • It’s the tale of one man and his wolf against a totalitarian state and the ancient evil that sustains it.” Except it’s also about Santa seriously how have you not bought this yet?

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