Ash returns to run through I, Eye Guy with us. On this episode:

  • We dive into the listener mail bag!
  • We meet Willy the Mini-Billy!
  • Is Angel Grove a breeding ground of super geniuses?
  • Did Billy invent a machine that makes cool noises when he performs secret handshakes?
  • Mat talks about some stuff from last episode because he’s a maverick who doesn’t play by your rules.
  • Ashlee calls Alpha 5 ‘a pretty rubbish robot’. No-one really defends him. …poor Alpha 5.


Show Notes

Show Notes

  • John Adams was an HBO miniseries about the second president of the United States, but it starred Paul Giamatti.
  • I was probably thinking of Amazing Grace, which starred Ioan Gruffudd (and a murderer’s row of British actors – Romola Garai, Benedict Cumberbatch, Albert Finney, Michael Gambon, and more).
  • Papa’s a Vampire. Japan is a strange place.
  • The circle machine is an Orbotron or Aerotrim. All I’m saying is, strap a naked person into it, you’re in for a fun and exciting time.

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