On the podcast this week we hit the penultimate episode of the Green with Evil mini-series, which means our time discussing how Tommy is such an evil badass is running out! Our seven person roundtable team discusses some stuff like:

  • We discuss what the Green Ranger was like on the Japanese version of the show. It’s so much more awesome and dramatic than what we get to watch, intense sadface.
  • We discuss future episodes briefly, in which the show gets a bit richer and deeper. We need to get there real soon, you guys, or we’re going to die.
  • THINGS GET SO REAL IN THIS EPISODE. From the first second, to the traumatising final moments.
  • Despite this being an incredibly action packed episode, they somehow manage to still squeeze in a sexually suggestive moment.
  • We spend an uncomfortable time discussing Mat’s love life. And then a new podcast is pitched: “How Not To Talk To Girls: The Michael Busuttil Podcast.”
  • This show still manages to shock us, as we get a legitimately brutal fight and an ending akin to the climax of Toy Story 3.

And so much more!!

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