It’s part 3 (or the hump, if you will) of Green with Evil on the podcast this week, as our six person round table grows to seven – with new guest Paisley – to break down the episode! Here’s a taste of what goes down:

  • Before we even watch the episode, we plugged in a Sega Mega Drive and played some of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on there. Rita is oddly tender to her minions in it, and Mat was able to demonstrate his prowess in controlling Megazords.
  • Because Paisley joins us midway through a mini-series which is midway through the series, we quiz her on how she’s handling diving into Power Rangers in this way. Spoiler warning: she’s a little traumatised by these insanity.
  • Scorpina appears, and for the first time we actually, legitimately figure out what the crumpet is going on.
  • Bulk and Skull are defeated by their homophobia again. Hooray!
  • Paisley: “One minute we’re in a weird f–k dungeon and then we’re on the moon and then we’re in a high school…” Us: “This is our life.”
  • We discuss who on our podcasting team would be which Power Ranger. It leads Mat to an uncomfortable conclusion.

And so much more!!

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