Our Green with Evil event continues on the podcast, as our six person round table discuss Part 2: Jason’s Battle, as Tommy the Green Ranger continues to absolutely dominate the Power Rangers and we continue to look on in awe. Here’s some of what goes down:

  • Michael feels like Zack at the Backdoor Party.
  • We debate the ethics of Alpha 5, relating to the ability to feel pain.
  • An iPhone autocorrect fail leads us to consider Rita’s second-in-command Jewish monster Goldstein.
  • The porn basically writes itself as Goldar takes Jason to his dungeon to play with (and subsequently dominate) him.
  • The Rangers break the Power Ranger rules! But it’s okay because Zordon’s away. Phew.
  • We learn that Jason is totally unnecessary as the other Rangers successfully summon the Megazord without him. And they’re a much more compelling team without him anyway.
  • It only took six people sitting around a table discussing for an hour for Mat to finally gain some sort of respect for Jason as a character.

And so much more!!

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