A MEGA EVENT begins on our podcast this week, as we begin Green with Evil, the mini-series that introduces the most popular Power Ranger ever: Tommy, the Green Ranger. And to celebrate, it’s a roundtable podcast with your two regular hosts, Mat and Michael, and FOUR returning guests – Amanda, Ashley, Tim and Lauren. Here’s some of what goes down:

  • We first meet Tommy as he’s doing three flying roundhouse kicks in the air. Tone set.
  • The ladies discuss Tommy’s attractiveness. He gets mixed reviews despite having glorious, long 90s hair.
  • There’s some actual legitimate, creepy ass witch shit going on at Rita’s palace this week, which is extremely surprising considering Rita is normally about as intimidating as a toothless Ewok.
  • We discuss the corporate culture at Rita’s evil empire.
  • “Does anyone know where the Power Sword lives…?”
  • Tommy caps the episode by doing the most awesome thing ever, marking him as the ultimate bad arse, and then he does a Street Fighter style hadoken. Not even kidding.


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