We’re left in awe on the podcast this week, as watch the writers bring the Halloween episode format back from the dead in the Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode ‘Grave Robber’!

How does the manage to muddy the water on what is and what isn’t a clip show? What has Levi done to earn Mat’s ire, despite his magnificent abs? And why is Cosmo Royale’s featured position suspicious…?

Show Notes

  • I’m sorry if the sound’s rough on this one, guys. We recorded Friday for a Saturday release and then I worked until 11pm, 8 hours before this had to go up. It’s 12:30 and I just got home and I haven’t even started editing it yet. Oh, and I’m editing on a terrible old laptop because I need to buy a new one. I hope it’s alright.
  • I worked a 60 hour week this week. I’m sorry if I wasn’t very funny, I’m exhausted.
  • I don’t know why I’m sharing this here. Maybe I should have a blog. Or a therapist.
  • This podcast is like therapy if therapy was mostly about Power Rangers and occasionally about France or the Smiths Crisps Gobbledok.
  • Maybe that is what therapy’s like but I doubt it.
  • Same hat? Same hat!
  • This Ninja Super Steel trailer is pretty exciting. (At 24 seconds in one of our theories gets shattered – I don’t know how we missed it when we were watching.)

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