This week on the podcast, we’re getting our freak on – with the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge episode ‘Freaky Fightday’!

Does Michael know how big testicles are? Why does he want things to be 50% less gay? And how do you pronounce his surname? The answers to two of these three questions (and more!) await, on this episode of the Ranger Danger Dino Super Charge podcast!

Show Notes

  • Yes, I know how big testicles are.
  • And I’m pretty sure I said 50% more gay.
  • New movie toys and stuff! We don’t hate them yet!
  • The octopus’ penis, made by the male’s third arm on the right, is called hectocotylus and is detachable.”
  • A worg! It’s a wizard wolf! That’s probably not what next week’s episode is about.
  • #10modes12lasers2much

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