The ever enthusiastic Jeremy joins us to review the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode FOWL PLAY on the podcast this week! Here’s some of what goes down:

  • More on the strange family history of Mr. Thomas Oliver – the Green Ranger!
  • A surprisingly solid episode! And perhaps the coolest OG Ranger, Zack, gets a chance to shine.
  • Zack teaches kids incredibly important life skills – flirting whilst juggling!
  • Peckster – stupid name, surprisingly fun monster. Definitely the best monster to ever be bested by balloons, at least. Uh, spoiler, I guess.
  • The writer of this episode also wrote for a beloved 90s animated sitcom… but which one…?
  • We rope Sarah in for a guest spot to dole out romance advice! This is must hear information, people*.

AND SO MUCH MORE!! *Not really.

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