More Tim, because we know you love him. This episode absolutely destroys our will to live. Plus:

  • We briefly touch on Amy Jo Johnson’s music career.
  • It’s an OHS disaster at Angel Grove High School this week!
  • The show’s fascination with having large amounts of liquid gushing onto characters hits traumatising new highs.
  • Mat totally predicted an event that happened in this episode.
  • We discuss Rita’s shag pad.
  • And the episode ends in a legitimately depressing way. Aw.

And some other stuff…

Show Notes

  • Get Amy Jo Johnson’s new album, Never Broken from Amazon or iTunes.
  • This is Mister Ticklesneezer. Warning: don’t open before bed. Or during the day. Probably ever, actually.
  • Bring It All Back was a hit for S Club 7 in 1999. Michael is pretty sure he still remembers all the words.

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