Tim’s back for another round as we prepare for the entry of… the Lizzinator on the podcast this week! Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to:

  • “It’s not called Ellipsis the Lizzinator. I just want to make that clear.”
  • We pick our Power Rangers dream teams! Well, I say “teams”…
  • “Trumpets are musical bacon. I’ve said it before and I stand by it.” Are you #protrumpet or #antitrumpet?
  • Squatt and Baboo learn to cheer. It’s… it’s definitely something.
  • Mat discusses his Theory of Putty Reincarnation. It’s surprisingly touching.


Show Notes

  • The ellipsis, commonly known as the “dot dot dot”. In Polish they call it the wielokropek. There you go. You learnt something.
  • Simon Cowell’s Power Rangers. Tweet at us or send us an email to let us know if you’re #protrumpet or #antitrumpet.
  • This HQ Zyuranger footage will make you cry. Hopefully the new US Zyuranger DVD release looks that good.
  • Listener Rik has not one but two Power Rangers illustrations on his website. Spoiler alert: they’re great.
  • We were both right: the French school year names are strange abbreviations for primary school, and after that they count down from 6 to 1. The French are weird, you guys.
  • The Planet Hulk teaser, featuring The Incredibly Hulk Hogan in the bottom left.
  • Street Sharks! Like regular sharks but for pavement! Like an underground Sharknado! Like taking a ton of cocaine and thinking about sharks, probably!

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