In our inaugural episode, Michael and Mathew (sans guest for the first episode!) discuss their respective introductions to the Power Rangers, before diving headlong into the first episode: Day of the Dumpster! Discover:

  • Shocking revelations about Mathew’s childhood!
  • The strange truth about Angel Grove…
  • Shocking revelations about Mathew and overalls!
  • The strange truth about the various Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger pilots.
  • Shocking revelations about Michael (okay this one is a total lie).


Show Notes

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  • It’s impossible to get an accurate screenshot that represents the difference between the Japanese and American footage – even the copy on the DVD is too low-res. It’s very obvious in motion, though. Trust us.
  • Teleporting looks like this. (Sorry for the low-res screenshot. This show won’t be in HD for a long time.)
  • A scepter (or sceptre) is a specific type of staff; one that is used to represent authority.
  • In 1993, the actors playing the Power Rangers were all in their early to mid 20s. Austin St John (Jason) was the youngest at 19; the oldest was David Yost (Billy) at 24. St John’s Wikipedia page says he was 17 when the show began, but unless he was trapped in a Zordon-style Time Warp that doesn’t seem to match the actual dates.
  • The Angel Grove thing: Angel Grove is implied to be an alternate version of Los Angeles, where the series was actually shot (except obviously for the parts shot in Japan). The episode “Return of the Green Ranger”, coming up in MMPR season 2, establishes that the British colonised the town rather than the Spanish. Los Angeles is Spanish for “the angels”; Angel Grove is a reasonable English facsimile of the name. Aren’t you glad you know that?

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