This week on the podcast, we ingest the CRYSTAL OF NIGHTMARES – or at least the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode of that name – with returning people’s champion Amanda! Here’s some of what goes down on the show:

    • We discuss the newly announced writers of the upcoming Power Rangers movie, and Michael proves to be literally the only person in the world who wants to see Ivan Ooze back.
    • We read listener mail! And we learn that, in Zyuranger, King Sphinx is basically the Riddler from Batman, except if you fail his riddles, he turns you into a tree. THAT’S SUBLIME!
    • Ever fantasised about Bulk in a maid outfit? Well, too god damned bad because here it is!!
    • We educate Amanda vis-á-vis what happens at teenage boy sleepover parties.
    • What do Two-Face, the Penguin, Helen Mirren, and geriatric romance have in common? You’ll find out, and still be confused!
    • THE RANGER DANGER CIVIL WAR IS ON!! Mat VS Michael! Batman: The Animated Series VS ReBoot! Who’s side are you on?!


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