On the podcast this week, Michael and Mat watch the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode Calamity Kimberly. It’s not calamitous, but it’s a surprising amount of fun!

  • Our list of the 30 best monsters Power Rangers monsters so far reaches its thrilling conclusion! And who is the SHOCK number one pick… and why??
  • “We love the Chunky Chicken.” It’s not a weird thing to say! You don’t understand! He has scissors that can cut through the fabric of reality.
  • “Pudgy Pig is kind of the platonic ideal of Power Rangers…”
  • Mat decides it’s time to sit down with the Power Rangers and have a Very Serious Talk about their horrible (and frequent) misuse of the word ‘dimension’.
  • “It’s inconsistent in its inconsistency!”
  • I can’t stress this enough. The single strangest, most mind bogglingly bizarre thing we’ve EVER SEEN on this show occurs in this episode. I can’t spoil it for you, but it’s AMAZING.


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