It’s the most special of Ranger Danger Podcast specials– the “Buy Our Comic!” spectacular, where we implore you to purchase the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Anniversary Special, because we have a story in it!

Find out thrilling details like: do we want you to buy our comic? (We do!) If you enjoy the comic, should you tweet at BOOM! Studios to let them know? (You should!) And, of course, that age old question– do we want you to buy our comic? (YES! YES, WE DO! PLEASE BUY OUR COMIC!) So, enjoy us begging you to buy our comic, in this short-but-sweet Ranger Danger ‘Buy Our Comic’ spectacular!

Show Notes

  • You can buy the Anniversary Annual on Comixology here, or find your local comic book shop with the Comic Shop Locator.
  • If you dig it, maybe tweet @boomstudios on Twitter? And also let us know? We’re @rangerdcast.
  • Thank you all so, so much.

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