This is it! 60 episodes have been leading to this! This week on the podcast, we recap the very last episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1, entitled OYSTER STEW!! Here’s some of what goes down:

  • How might a Power Rangers/Super Sentai crossover go down? We take a stab!
  • Comics nerds: did you know a Power Rangers/Youngblood crossover almost happened? And Liefeld was going to draw it? I KNOW, RIGHT?!
  • We watch a trailer for Green Ranger Jason David Frank’s new YouTube. It’s insaaaaane. In the best/worst way.
  • So, uh, we know this is the final episode of the season, but this doesn’t feel like a season finale at all. Angela’s back, though? So I guess you get that?
  • Once again, Power Rangers provides us with a teachable moment: don’t buy jewellery from out of creepy serial killer looking dudes’ jackets. I’d go as far as to call that one a Pro Tip.
  • HOOOOOO DAMN SON UNDERWATER MEGAZORD BATTLE!!! Drop your cocks and grab your socks and get in on this shiiiiiiiiiiiit.


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