Lauren joins us for the first time on the show! On this episode, find out about:

  • how not to exercise from the Power Rangers!
  • how Rita almost had a plan that kind of worked! Minds blown!
  • what are dinosaurs and what are not dinosaurs! Lauren breaks it down for you.
  • which Power Rangers toys Mat had, and why that made him sad.
  • how Jason crushes Bulk’s dreams. Take that, loser!
  • how Jason holds up when Lauren scrutinizes him! (Spoiler warning: not well!)


Show Notes

  • only lists one M-rated fanfic about Bulk and Skull, which is about a thousand less than we expected. I guess they’re somewhere else on the internet.
  • The Legacy Megazord, as discussed. It is very cool.
  • The head-flip Red Ranger that Michael had as a kid (and still has somewhere). That head got flipped a lot.

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