A beautiful thing happens this week on the podcast, as we watch the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode A PIG SURPRISE!!! And it is a pig surprise! Also, Lauren’s back. Here’s some of what goes down:

  • We’re told that, in the Japanese version of the show, the Megazord is basically God. If we have to learn about Jesus, then let it be with him as a giant robot.
  • We throw down the gauntlet! A fight to FIRST PAIN!
  • Mat: “I’d be a hot villain, like Astronema.”
  • Bulk forms a bond with an animal and we’re genuinely moved. I think we can chalk this one up to the Stockholm Syndrome.
  • One of favourite villains returns, and we almost weep with joy. It doesn’t disappoint.
  • Speaking of favourite villains, we debut a new segment! And we need YOU to name it!


Show Notes

  • Bandora sings. That we didn’t get a dubbed version of this is the greatest crime this show has ever committed.
  • Our new segment: Monster Ranks!

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